Here’s links to the original posts for all of these where you can find more info about each plan. The Mighty March plan comes with a printable calendar to help map out the month! Some of these plans like Abs in Action and Lower Body Blast are combined cardio and strength to help you get the best toning results while others like Simple at Home Cardio and Wet Weather Cardio use HIIT style intervals to help get the most effective calorie burning session!

Abs in Action

Lower Body Blast

Total Body Toner

Simple at Home Cardio

Mighty March

Bob Harper’s Deck of Cards

Wet Weather Cardio

There’s TONS more at home exercise plans here!! :)

Love this

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So i have been thinking of doing this for a while, as many of my followers live around the world and don’t get to experience some of these amazing products that i do in australia, so i combined this giveaway with the products that i eat almost every day myself, it is pretty much me in a box, and i would love to share some of these with someone else :)


  • Loving earth organic sour cherry & acai raw dark chocolate
  • Loving earth goji & camu camu raw dark chocolate
  • Certified organic goji berries
  • Power super foods - black and white chia seeds
  • Ceres organics almond butter
  • Nerada organics chai tea
  • Australias own organic almond milk
  • Organic inca berries
  • Organic quick oats
  • Organic carob powder
  • 3 detailed recipes from the food posts on my blog, you can pick which ones you’d like the recipe for



  1. Must be following me, all-natu-ral
  2. Reblogs only, likes do not count
  3. The more times you relog the better your chances are of winning!
  4. Must reach 500 notes
  5. Winner will be picked through a random number generator
  6. I am happy to ship anywhere around the world

Best of luck everyone!
WINNER WILL BE DRAWN: October 24th 2012

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oh my lawwwwd i love this.
personally though i’d switch the locations of whole grains with fruits and veggies.
a diet should be primarily plants, with protiens, fats, and carbs added in.


oh my lawwwwd i love this.

personally though i’d switch the locations of whole grains with fruits and veggies.

a diet should be primarily plants, with protiens, fats, and carbs added in.

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I’m in the market for ones. What kind do you have and how do you like it? I wanna know everything!

I don’t believe in resolutions…

I don’t believe in resolutions…

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I could not agree more…



I could not agree more…

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because i never want to be a size 0 <3

because i never want to be a size 0 <3

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what have i eaten today?! well let’s begin with the good intentions… i started the day with one of my massive smoothies… fruits, spinach, protein powder, oj… YUM! and because it was huge i had a water along side it… it lasted all day and i still never finished it… then there was a pepperoni pizza which i had a slice of… some fries here and there… then i get home and pull out the bag of starbursts that my brother got for me last night… ate like 20 of them. then two wedges of laughing cow and wheat thins… then a massive bowl of peanut butter cup ice cream…. yea i feel gross… too much work all weekend really took its toll on me i guess! welp… tomorrow will be better!


in a circuit 3x with free weights

laying down chest press 12x

knee push ups 12x

one-arm row 12x each arm

forward to side raise 10x

tricep dips 12x

crunches 25x

modified bicycle crunches 12x

russian twists 50x

would love to have run today, but my ankle is still on the fritz… :(


well a quickie abs and arms circuit, then gettin ready for work… my foul mood needs to adjust really NOWish… 

and I NEED to eat something… 

Happy Thursday ya’ll!

Today was weird.

Emotionally, I am in a really awkward place so finding my motivation is that much harder. I got myself out of bed before noon (though not by 8 as I had wanted) and did put in 3 miles. Though they were not my best. I had a side cramp most of the run (well, I walked quite a bit) and was really sore all over after… and I am still have trouble with my ankle… really wish I knew what I was dealing with. Tomorrow I plan to get up EARLY, get my run in, do some things around the house, yoga at 11, probably run down to campus to get my parking situated and look at next semester’s books, and then I have a date in the evening! Hopefully this time tomorrow I will feel more accomplished. 

Goodnight my tumblr friends <3

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Even Tinkerbell agrees&#8230; I&#8217;m working on it though! I promise!

Even Tinkerbell agrees… I’m working on it though! I promise!